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Vision and Values



Excellence in learning – Investment in Oracy – Strength in Inclusivity


We have an inspiring and innovative curriculum, which enables each child to flourish and reach their potential. We make the best use of digital technology to support learning. Our pupils develop strong cultural capital and are secondary ready.


We pride ourselves on giving children opportunities to develop their oracy skills: talk is the thread that is visible in all lessons. Discussion and rehearsal is paramount to success throughout the curriculum, fostering the ability to understand and use key vocabulary. We enable them to challenge themselves to think deeper and question knowledge which is communicated to them.


We prepare children for their future, encouraging respect towards themselves, others and their environment, showing pride in their achievements, as well as appreciating their own uniqueness. Our diverse culture enables us to learn from each other.



We draw upon our own and other’s creativity in order to look at the world with different eyes and understand how we can contribute to change.



We are building an inclusive culture where everyone feels involved in the wider school, as well as our local community; showing collaboration in the way in which we work with others to grow as learners and achieve our goals and ambitions.


We show compassion, through an understanding of each other’s differences and similarities, whether it be through culture, ethnicity, gender or religion. We need to be able to walk in each other’s shoes and show kindness towards each other


We foster curiosity within our school community, as we develop our knowledge and skills, building a thirst for learning about the past and present, in order to develop our sense of place within the wider world and flourish in a changing world.