School Council


Meet the team:

The School Council has been elected by pupils to be the voice of the children at Laurel Lane. They meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in and around the school. This is then fed back to their classes.

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The School Council at the Houses of Parliament.












          During the first meeting, members decided who would be most suited to the key jobs. This is the first year that roles have been allocated, giving pupils complete ownership. 

Chair Person: Reah

Deputy Chair Person: Desiree

Secretary: Cian

Treasurer: Vlad


Currently, the school council are meeting once a week because they have lots of things to be working on. Have a look at the minutes to see what last weeks focus was. The School Council have thought very carefully about what they want to achieve this academic year.

Priorities this year:

 Raise money for charity

 Improve the school from the pupils’ point of view

 Make friends with the community

 Promote recycling around the school


School Council Updates:

 pic  KS2 Valentine's Disco        

The School Council decided to organise a special event for KS2 children - they have organsied every aspect of the event, including  getting a quote for the DJ, organising a letter out to pupils and raising funds to pay for it!

The Disco will take place Thursday 11th February 2016 - 2pm till 4pm.

Reah (our Chair Person) is selling love hearts during breakfast club to raise extra money towards our charity :-) 


VOTES ARE IN - Charity of the Year

School Council members have completed their votes in their classes and fed back to them. The children of Laurel Lane have decided that their charity this year will be the RSPCA. 

School Council will be leading on a range of activities to range money for the charity. This is the first year that the children have chosen - Clearly their love for animals has shone through. 

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       Green Flag Ceremony            Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.59.18 PM

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The Green Flag scheme celebrates and rewards the very best green spaces in the country. Our local park 'The Closes' was awarded this title this year. Many of the children use the park after school to play with friends or relax after a busy day at school. Sometimes, we use the park as an outside classroom, completing science and sports activities with our class. 

To celebrate receiving the award, the Mayor led a ceremony and a large flag was placed in the park so we can remember how lucky we are to live near an open green space. The Mayor and his team kindly gave us snacks to enjoy whilst we were there. Once we had our official photos taken, we had pictures taken with the Mayor and his wife.


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london-skyline-hi     Houses of Parliament Visit

On the 3rd September 2015, the School council were lucky enough to be invited to experience one of the world’s most famous landmarks – the Houses of Parliament. During our visit we explored the link between MPs and School Council; we learnt that MPs have to make important decisions to make the country safer. As School Council members we would like to do this in our school.

After a long journey, an energetic guide gave us a tour of the Houses of Parliament after we survived the security check in! Fortunately we saw the Queen’s robing room, where Desiree was able to wear the heavy, glamorous crown and pretend to be the Queen during a procession. Entering the House of Lords was mesmerizing; it was painted with gold with cherry red, leather seats, which unfortunately we were not allowed to sit on because we were not yet a Lord or Baroness! As we walked into the House of Commons, we sited elegant, majestic, emerald green, soft seating where the MPs sit there during to debate legislation (new rules/laws). Afterwards, we departed through Westminster Hall and came across our local MP – John McDonnell…What a coincidence!

Overall, we felt that this visit was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us and we thoroughly enjoyed our day.


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