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Name Date File Size  
Anti Bullying Policy 10th Jul 2018558 KB Download
Attendance Policy 2017 24th Sep 2018709 KB Download
Behaviour Policy 2018 04th Feb 2020528 KB Download
Behaviour Policy Appendix 3 Interim COVI... 06th Jun 202087 KB Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 2018 24th Sep 2018372 KB Download
Child Protection Policy - September 2019 21st Aug 20191 MB Download
Complaints Policy March 2020 20th May 2020760 KB Download
Data Protection Policy updated March 202... 16th Mar 2020686 KB Download
E-Safety Policy March 2020 31st Mar 2020261 KB Download
Early Years Policy 04th Jan 2020484 KB Download
Exclusion Policy 2019 17th Jun 2019467 KB Download
Freedom of Information Policy 01st Mar 2020475 KB Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 16th Mar 2019421 KB Download
Health and Safety Manual 2019-2021 14th Jul 2020705 KB Download
Health and Safety Policy 18th Oct 2017656 KB Download
Intimate Care and Nappy Changing Policy 24th Sep 2018552 KB Download
MAT CP Policy COVID-19 Appendix 2 - adop... 06th Jun 2020114 KB Download
Nursery Admissions Policy 2020-2021 07th Mar 2020983 KB Download
Off-Site Visits June 2020 Update 14th Jul 2020589 KB Download
Physical Intervention Policy July 2020 21st Jul 2020694 KB Download
Schemes of Delegation 2019 04th Jan 20202 MB Download
Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2... 04th Jan 2020382 KB Download
SMSC Policy 04th Jan 2020827 KB Download
Supporting pupils with medical condition... 10th Jul 2018510 KB Download