Admission to the nursery

  • We admit children who are of three years of age or over by 31st August to the autumn term (September start).
  • There are 25 morning and 25 afternoon places available at the beginning of the autumn term.
  • We offer free 30 hours provision to those pupils who are meet the criteria.
  • When there are too few places for the children who wish to enter the nursery, the following criteria will be applied:
    1. Each child must be a minimum age of three years old by 31st August of the academic year to be eligible for entry into Nursery in the autumn term (September)
    2. Looked after children
    3. Children or an immediate family member, who have a specific medical condition, or other special need, that requires them to attend our local community area will be given priority for places;
    4. Children who have a brother or sister already in the school will be given next priority;
    5. Distance from the school;
    6. When the above criteria has been applied, remaining places will be offered to children according to age, eldest first, until all places have been offered;
    7. Children who do not receive an offer of a place will remain on the waiting list and will be contacted if places become available. This will be on an age basis, eldest first.

Children need to be trained to use the toilet independently before they are admitted into Laurel Lane Primary School.

  • If we have more places available than children waiting, there is normally no difficulty in admitting children, but the above criteria will be applied just the same.
  • In the event that false information is discovered or information withheld after a place has been offered, then that place will be withdrawn.
  • Admission into Nursery does not guarantee a full-time place at Laurel Lane Primary School. (See school admission policy). Queries and concerns should be made in writing, addressed to the Chair of Governors.

Admission to Reception

As we are part of the Frays Academy Trust, we set the admissions policies for our schools.  Please see our admissions policy (link below) for admission to reception at Laurel Lane Primary School.  The policy also includes details of our over-subscription criteria. 

For applications for starting school in September 2023, National Offer Day is Monday 17 April.  The deadline for receipt of appeals is Wednesday 17 May 2023.  Details of how to appeal is included in the relevant admission policy.

For details of how we process in-year applications please see the relevant admission policy.

If you wish to appeal, please see the appeals timetable (link below).

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