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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

At the heart of our vision are our core values of: Compassion, Collaboration, Curiosity and Creativity and aim to ensure everyone feels welcomed, safe and included in our school.

We want to be able to show compassion, through an understanding of each other’s differences and similarities, whether it be through culture, ethnicity, gender or religion.  We need to be able to walk in each other’s shoes and show kindness towards each other.

We want everyone to feel involved in the wider school, as well as our local community; showing collaboration in the way in which we work with others to grow as learners and achieve our goals and ambitions.

We want to foster curiosity within our school community, as we develop our knowledge and skills, building a thirst for learning about the past and present, in order to develop our sense of place within the wider world and flourish in a changing world.

We want to draw upon our own and other’s creativity in order to look at the world with different eyes and understand how we can contribute to change.

By the end of the journey at Laurel Lane Primary School, we want our children, no matter what their starting points are, to be: 

·      life-long, independent learners who are prepared for the future;

·      able to read with fluency, pleasure and enjoyment of text;

·      able to challenge themselves to think deeper and question knowledge which is communicated to them; always working to the best of their ability;

·      ready for the next stage of their education because they have had the opportunity to learn key knowledge in many different    contexts;

·      understand that mistakes are the building blocks to greater understanding; they learn from them, and are therefore able to take risks and set high aspirations for themselves;

·      Respectful towards themselves, others and their environment, showing pride in their achievements as well as appreciating their own uniqueness;

·      Able to understand how to keep themselves safe, and remain openminded in a changing world;

·      understand the role education plays in their own future and the importance of good attendance to enable this.


We will achieve this through:

  • whole school, phase or class assemblies;
  • reflection;
  • providing learning opportunities through a challenging, creative curriculum;
  • supportive ethos;
  • links with different religions/faiths, the Frays Academy Trust, our local community and the wider world;
  • high quality teaching and learning;
  • through the PSHE curriculum and spritual, moral, social and cultural development in our school.