Structure of Governance

Federated Governing Body of Laurel Lane Primary and St Martin's CE Primary Schools: 

In accordance with the Federated Scheme of Delegation the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of: 

- Three co-opted members (not staff) for each school, appointed by the Directors of the Trust; 

- The Parish Priest of St Martin’s Church; 

- One Parent Governor for each school; 

- One Staff Governor for each school; 

- The Headteacher at each school; 

- The maximum number of Governors is thirteen. 

Chair of Governors: Sandra Prail 

Revd Rosy Barrie, Governor (ex-officio – Parish Priest, St Martin's Church), re-appointed 08/02/2018 

Courtney Baxter, elected staff Governor (St Martin’s), 26/05/2021 

Johann Coates, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, St Martin’s), appointed 01/01/2021 

Edward Decross-Gonzaleas, elected staff Governor (Laurel Lane), 01/09/2022 

Emily Leake, Parent Governor (Laural Lane), elected 16/06/22 

Kevin Ogilvie, Governor, appointed 23/01/2020 

Sandra Prail, Chair of Governors, appointed 14/12/22 

Tamanna Sharma, elected parent Governor (St Martin’s), 30/06/2021 

Cllr Jan Sweeting, Governor, re-appointed 08/02/2018 

Sandra Voisey, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, Laurel Lane), appointed 15/04/2013 

Resigned in last 12 months: 

Andrew Baird, Governor, appointed 01/09/2022 (resigned 03/11/2022) 

Chris Cole, Governor, appointed 24/03/2022 (resigned 31/08/2022) 

Geoffrey Edwards, Governor, re-appointed 01/01/2018 (resigned 31/08/2022) 

Matthew Rowden, elected staff Governor (Laurel Lane), 01/09/2021 (resigned 19/04/2022) 

Jackie Lack, Governor, re-appointed 15/09/2019 (resigned 01/03/2023)

Tye McMahon, Governor, appointed 01/09/2021 (resigned 01/03/2023)


The Board of Directors for the Frays Academy Trust has the overall responsibility for Governance across all of the schools in the Trust. Information about our Board of Directors and Governance structure can be found here: