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Our Curriculum

Developing knowledge and understanding through talk is at the heart of everything we do

Curiosity - Creativity - Compassion - Collaboration

From the first day that a child enters Laurel Lane Primary School, we pride ourselves on delivering a broad curriculum that encourages and nurtures children, from wherever they are starting their educational journey. Through daily, progressive lessons, children develop necessary Maths and Literacy knowledge and skills: children receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum, as set out in the National Curriculum.

All the staff at Laurel Lane are passionate to fulfil every child's potential: they believe in developing a child's understanding by building and retaining links to prior learning, making their learning journey not a singular event, but an event that carries on and builds and supports them to become 'life long' learners. 

We allow children to develop and grow, providing them with practical opportunities to practice their skills, whenever is possible. 

We pride ourselves on giving the children the opportunities to devleop their Oracy skills: talk is the thread that is visible in all lessons. Discussion and rehearsal is paramount to success.

If you would like more information on the curriculum, please contact the school office.