Teaching and Learning Support

Learning Mentors    
Mrs R Beale    
Mrs L Smith (Family Support Worker 2 days)    
Lead Teaching Assistants    
Mrs N Bishop Inclusion Assistant    
Mrs A Simon   Years 1/2/3
Ms M Flynn   Years 4/5/6
Learning Support Assistants    
Mrs S Kenny   ICT/Interventions
Mrs T Weaver   Year Six
Miss G Widdows   Year Six
Mrs T Begum   Year Six
Miss K Garlick   Year Five
Mrs E Nash   Year Five
Mrs C Elliott   Year Four
Mrs S Hermitage   Year Four
Mrs S Barnes   Year Three
Mrs L Rowell   Year Three
Miss J Davis   Year Two, 2 days
Miss J Pickett   Year Two, 3 days
Mrs J Damarell   Year Two
Mrs M Shaheen (Maternity Leave)   Year Two
Mrs H Salman   Year Two
Mrs T Begum   Year Two
Miss J Olechno   Year One
Mrs R Hawksworth   Year One
Mrs J Adamska   Year One
Miss K Dicker   Reception
Mrs M Woodiard   The Pond
Miss C Teixeira   The Pond
Miss K Middleton   The Pond
Miss R Kabirzadha   The Pond